How Much Does a Speed Boat Cost (Price Chart)

How Much Does a Speed Boat Cost? (Price Chart)

A speed boat (motorboat, powerboat) is a high-speed boat thanks to its inboard or outboard power engine. Its V-shaped hull and deck shape are always aerodynamic to increase speed by reducing wind resistance. Even fiberglass … Read more

Boating License Requirements 101

Boating License Requirements 101

As a responsible boat owner, you must understand the licensing requirements for operating a boat in your state. These regulations promote safety and awareness for you, your passengers, and the environment while chartering through various … Read more

How Much Does a Boat Cover Cost (Price Chart)

How Much Does a Boat Cover Cost? (Price Chart)

Anyone lucky to have a boat knows that its protection is crucial, particularly during cold winter days. Therefore, you should consider purchasing or sewing an adequate boat cover. It will protect your vessel from dirt … Read more

Boat Detailing Cost Types, Size & Condition

Boat Detailing Cost: Types, Size & Condition

According to estimates, 12 million Americans have a boat, and they all need regular cleaning. In such a case, boat detailing cost is one of the crucial questions, besides fuel costs, marina reservation, and berth … Read more