boat trailer winch

8 Best Boat Trailer Winches

Getting your boat safely on to your trailer requires a good winch. But how do you separate the great winches from the mediocre ones? That’s where we can help! We’re going to explore the eight … Read more

How Much Does a Boat Cost (Price Chart)

How Much Does a Boat Cost? (Price Chart)

Most people believe that the average boat price is astronomical, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Basically, the boat value depends on the type you choose, its model, brand, size, and location where … Read more

How Much Do Boats Weigh (Weight Chart)

How Much Do Boats Weigh? (Weight Chart)

Boating is one of the favorite leisurely activities worldwide. If you can buy a boat, you should do so. However, you need to check a few crucial things before taking such a step. For instance, … Read more

Freedom Boat Club Cost (Price Chart)

Freedom Boat Club Cost (Price Chart)

Freedom boat club cost is among the highest in the US, but there are a few understandable reasons for that. It is the oldest club and the most widespread marine franchisor in the country. With … Read more

What is the Stern of a Boat

What is the Stern of a Boat?

Did you know that the stern is like the backbone of many boats? But if you are new to the boating world, how can you see this small area as one of a boat’s essential … Read more

How Fast Can a Boat Go (Chart)

How Fast Can a Boat Go? (Chart)

Many people talk of how motorcycles, cars, trains, and planes go fast. But did you know there’s much fun when you know about boat speeds? Do you ever ask yourself how fast the boat you … Read more

9 Best Jet Ski Powered Boats

9 Best Jet Ski Powered Boats

Are you looking for a jet boat to ride for fun or a race? These boats have become famous in recent times. Jets boats come in many models, but which ones will work well with … Read more