18 Homemade Boat Upholstery Plans You Can DIY Easily

Is your boat upholstery ragged and rotten? Well, your boat is crying for help, and it’s high time you shower it with pamper and, not to mention, a good set of upholstery!

But, upholstery is too expensive to afford! Yes, they can be. And we’re here to help. Read on to find out how you can DIY repair or reinstall your boat interior upholstery.

First and foremost, you don’t have to spend time and money on going to brick-and-mortar stores to get fabrics. You can browse and select upholstery fabrics online from a wide selection with a guaranteed quality. After you choose the best option, you can start with your upholstery project.

For starters, we’ve collected a list of 18 boat upholstery repair and replacement DIYs for your convenience. Let’s get started!

1.  DIY Boat Interior Panel Reupholstery – No Sewing

The Youtuber from Mile High Campers has come up with a simple and quick no-sew boat panel upholstery DIY. He demonstrates and elaborates on the step-by-step procedure of the project in detail.

What’s more, the Youtuber has shared some solid tips on the description box regarding this project – use high-quality marine outdoor grade vinyl, use stainless-steel staples to prevent rust, and create a barrier between the wood and vinyl using foam or automotive headliner material.


2.  DIY Small Boats Upholstery

DIY Small Boats Upholstery

The Hull Truth Boating Forum has plenty of informational threads for boat fanatics. For instance, the user Time Machine has asked for advice on how he can upholster his boats using a sewing machine.

The user is looking forward to educating himself on the type of vinyl, thread, and foam to use for his boat seat and cooler cushions. The advice and information exchanged in this thread are fantastic. Give it a read!

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3.  DIY Boat Seats and Cushion Upholstery

Witnessing rotten and ragged boat seats every time you’re on the boat is truly saddening. Luckily, the Youtuber from Average Joe’s DIY shows you how you can reupholster your boat seats and cushions in this tutorial video.

In fact, the Youtuber makes new boat seats from scratch. If you’re interested in trying out this DIY, make sure you remember to paint the plywood with a layer or two of exterior paint beforehand to prevent it from harsh weather and rot.


4.  To Hire or To DIY? Cost Of Boat Seat Reupholstery

To Hire or To DIY Cost Of Boat Seat Reupholstery

A good boat upholstery can honestly make or break your boat’s aesthetic. If you own an expensive boat, Boating Guru suggests you hire a professional upholstery shop instead.

And, if you’re confident that you can reupholster your boat seat on your own, this post has plenty of tips and tricks regarding the DIY process. Give it a good read to gain a deeper insight on whether you should DIY or hire experts for the boat reupholstery project!

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5.  DIY Boat Upholstery Using White Marine Vinyl

The Youtuber from Angry Mack uses white marine vinyl, marine, plywood, and high density 25 mm foam to DIY upholster his boat side panels. He demonstrates and elaborates on all the steps with clarity.

This video is, in fact, an episode of the DIY series where the Youtuber restores his entire boat. If you’re interested in such a project, do check this channel out!


6.  How Much Does It Cost To Reupholster Boat Seats?

How Much Does It Cost To Reupholster Boat Seats

How much does a professional boat reupholstery cost? Should you or should you not hire experts for this purpose? Well, this post by Begin Boating has all the answers!

This blog is truly a well-rounded guide on professional and DIY boat seat upholstery, both sewing and non-sewing. Make sure you give it a good read!

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7.  No Sewing DIY Boat Side Panels Upholstery

In this video tutorial by Mile High Campers, the Youtuber upholsters his complex boat side panel giving his boat a luxurious finish. He takes you along the DIY process and explains each and every nitty-gritty detail with great clarity. Overall, a great tutorial for DIY upholstery beginners.

Are you into RVs, jeeps, boats, or camping? If yes, Mile High Campers’ Youtube videos are definitely binge-worthy. Check them out!


8.  Vinyl Seat Upholstery Using Sewing Machine

Vinyl Seat Upholstery Using Sewing Machine

eHow has got you covered when it comes to DIY tutorials!

If you own a heavy-duty sewing machine and other supplies such as needles, industrial-grade thread, washable fabric markers, and boat upholstery materials, follow this 10-step tutorial by Kristy Robinson on ehow to DIY upholster your boat seats. The needle size the blogger recommends is 21, and the thread of 16 oz.

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9.  Give Your Boat Seats A Classy Look – Reupholstery Sewing Method

If you have a sewing machine and the skills required for it, join the Youtuber from The Swedish Upholstery to repair boat seats by yourself.

If you’re a beginner in sewing upholstery, this tutorial might not be for you, as the Youtuber doesn’t provide you with an explanation or a supply list and simply demonstrates the DIY process. Quick info – the Youtuber recommends 7 cm foam for boat seat upholstery.


10. A Comprehensive Guide On Boat Seat Reupholstery

A Comprehensive Guide On Boat Seat Reupholstery

Are you certain that your boat seats are in need of reupholstery? Are you aware of what supplies you will need for the DIY? Well, find the answers to all of your queries in this comprehensive blog post by Desperate Sailors.

This post features step-by-step instructions on how to reupholster boat seats and provides you with solid tips and suggestions on the DIY. We’d say – a must-read!

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11. Boat Seats Reupholstery – No Sew!

No sewing machine? No problem! Follow this DIY boat seat reupholstery method by Thomas Hodge that doesn’t involve sewing.

The Youtuber gives you pretty detailed information on the boat upholstery replacement. A quick note – the camera work isn’t quite steady, as his six years old was the cameraman behind the video.


12. 7 Easy Steps To Reupholster Your Boat Seats, Cushions, and Covers!

7 Easy Steps To Reupholster Your Boat Seats, Cushions, and Covers!

If all of your boat seats, cushions, or covers have worn out, this tutorial by PONTOONOPEDIA is perfect for you. You’ll be guided on how to reupholster your boat seats without sewing their covers.

All the supplies needed are mentioned at the beginning of the blog, followed by 7-step DIY instructions. This blog is also a great resource to educate yourself on the cost associated with this DIY. We hope it helps!

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13. Budget-friendly Boat Seat Reupholstery – No Sewing for under $100!

Grab yourself some marine-grade vinyl and follow along Joe Rut as he DIYs boat seats for under $100. He ventured into this DIY after learning how ridiculously expensive boat reupholstery can cost – relatable, isn’t it?

He takes his viewers along the entire DIY process and elaborates on any progress or inconveniences along the way. An easy-to-follow tutorial for beginners!


14. DIY Boat Upholstery – Tips From Foam Factory

DIY Boat Upholstery – Tips From Foam Factory

This post by Foam Factory isn’t a boat upholstery tutorial per se. But it provides you with great tips and insights on DIY.

Before you begin on your upholstery DIY, make sure you give this post a quick read for invaluable information. Especially if you’re a beginner, do not discount this amazing resource!

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15. DIY Front Bow Side Panels Upholstery – No-sew

In this tutorial video, the Youtuber from Mile High Campers DIYs front bow side panels upholstery as part of his boat restore project. All the tools and materials required for the project and their purchase links are mentioned in the description box.

Also, do not forget to read the ‘Tips’ section on the description box. All the comments in this video are appreciative; we hope you feel the same way.


16. DIY Boat Upholstery – Comprehensive Guide

DIY Boat Upholstery – Comprehensive Guide

This written tutorial by Innovations Auto Interiors is very thoughtfully packaged and, thus, is great for beginners just venturing into the DIY boat upholstery world. A truly fascinating read for DIY lovers!

What’s more, they further feature a range of how-to and help articles. If such blogs catch your attention, do check them out.

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17. Upholster Boat Seats Using Piping and Sewing

If you’re looking for a tutorial where you’ll be guided through the entire process in detail, this video by Stitching Steve is not for you.

The Youtuber takes you along the fast-forwarded DIY process and provides you with a brief overview of the DIY in the description section. This DIY boat seat reupholstery design involves sewing and piping.


18. Step-by-step Instructions on Boat Upholstery

Step-by-step Instructions on Boat Upholstery

The user 109jb on the iBOATS forum shares a fantastic picture of his DIY boat interior, followed by his experience and instructions on the DIY. The users share plenty of images throughout the journey, accompanied by brief explanations for his fellow DIY enthusiasts.

The thread is full of praise and positivity. Make sure you spread some if you like the DIY upholstery and if it was helpful to you.

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The 18 DIY boat upholstery ideas featured in this post are truly versatile, aren’t they? If you own a sewing machine, that’s great! And, if you don’t, no problems either!

Now, if you are still unsure about these DIYs despite these detailed tutorials, you can always order boat upholstery kits or interior replacement kits for your boat interior.

Nevertheless, we’d definitely recommend you at least give these DIYs a chance. You can always ask your friends or family skilled at upholstery for suggestions. If you do, share your experiences with us. We’re eager to hear your story!

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