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8 Best Jon Boat Seats In 2022

You might be used to thinking of jon boats as having bench seats. But upgrading the seating can give a real boost to both comfort and style. So if you’re thinking of doing just that, where do you start?

Well, you’ve come to the right place! We’re going to look at eight of the best jon boat seats out there. And we’ll set out their pros and cons to help you make the right choice for your boat.

Ready? Let’s start the tour!

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The Best Jon Boat Seats on the Market 2022

1. Attwood 98391GNMX

Attwood 98391GNMX Padded Boat Seat, Camouflage, Molded Plastic Frame, 20 Inches W x 17 Inches D x 12 Inches H

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Attwood’s padded boat seat is a mid-priced option with lots to recommend it.

It’s finished in khaki green with camo padding on the seat and back. That will help you blend into grassy banks and avoid alerting wildlife to your presence.

There’s a molded plastic frame and a hinged backrest to allow you to fold it down when not in use. That will make it easier to fit any cover you want to use to protect your boat from the elements.

It’s 20 inches wide, 17 inches deep, and 12 inches high with the back rest up. And it’s lightweight, so it’s easy to transport.

It meets the American Boat and Yacht Council’s safety standards for type B seating. That’s means it shouldn’t be used at the helm or driver position, or at speeds in excess of 5 miles per hour.

It comes with mounting screws, but you may find they’re on the short side. Don’t be surprised if you find you need to replace them with longer versions.

And note that there’s no metal anywhere here, including around the screw holes. That means this isn’t the strongest seat out there.


  • Plenty of padding on the seat and back
  • Lightweight for easy transportation
  • Back folds down when not in use


  • You may find you need longer mounting screws than the ones included in the package
  • This isn’t the strongest seat out there.

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2. Leader Accessories Low Back

Leader Accessories Camo Folding Marine Boat Seat (Camo/Black Hinge)

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This classic low back seat from Leader Accessories is designed to fit the contours of your body for ultimate comfort. And it’s one of the least expensive options on our list.

The back and seat are deeply padded and upholstered in camoflage toned vinyl, patterned with leaves and foliage. The back is hinged, so it can be folded down when not in use. The hinges are black and are constructed of aluminum alloy, so they’re both strong and lightweight.

The seat frame itself is made of molded plastic in a pale gray tone. And the vinyl used for the seat covers is marine grade, so it will cope with getting wet.

Each seat is 16 inches wide, 14 inches from front to back, and 19 inches high.

The plastic seat frame does have a tendency to flex though. We’ve heard from some people who’ve added strength by attaching a plywood panel to the underside of the seat. If you do that, bear in mind you’ll need to replace the screws with longer versions.

If you’re a larger build, this might not be the best choice. The foam has a tendency to flatten over time, and the heavier you are, the more quickly it will happen.


  • Hinged back allows it to fold down when not in use
  • Deep padded seat and back
  • Upholstered in marine grade vinyl


  • The plastic seat frame isn’t particularly strong
  • The foam padding will compress over time.

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3. DeckMate Compact

DeckMate Compact Folding Fishing Seat (Charcoal & Red)

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The compact DeckMate folding boat seat is available in three different color combinations. Choose from charcoal with gray, red or blue.

The price is the same as the seat from Leader Accessories, so it’s a budget-friendly pick. But that does mean some compromises in terms of the quality of the construction.

The seat frame here is again plastic, so it’s not the strongest. It comes with a full set of stainless steel mounting hardware. The upholstery is marine grade vinyl, and it’s covered by a six-year warranty. And the seat covers can be removed if desired.

The seat base measures 15.5 inches square, while the seat back is 16 inches tall. The whole thing weighs 9 pounds and is rated for a load of up to 250 pounds.

One thing to note is that you won’t get any assembly instructions with this chair! It’s not difficult to put together, but be prepared to spend a little longer working it all out.

All in all, though, these are minor niggles for a boat seat at this price point.


  • Very cost-effective
  • Upholstered in marine grade vinyl that’s covered by a six-year warranty
  • Folds up for compact storage


  • The seat is a little small
  • There are no assembly instructions, so be prepared to puzzle it out.

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4. Millennium Marine B100

Millennium Marine B100 Boat Seat, Green

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The B100 from Millennium Marine costs twice as much as the seats from DeckMate and Leader Accessories. So what do you get for your money?

It’s a heavier duty option, weighing in at 19.5 pounds overall and weighted for a maximum capacity of 400 pounds. The seat is more generous too, 20 inches wide and 17 inches deep. The seat back is 21 inches high, with a total height of 10 inches when it’s folded down.

The simple design will mount easily to most boat pedestals. It comes pre-drilled with holes in the correct places, but you’ll need to buy your own mounting hardware.

It folds up when not in use, and there’s a strap with snap to keep it secure when being towed. It comes with a three-year warranty.

There’s no padding here. Nevertheless, it’s a very comfortable design. And the mesh fabric will allow any dew or rain to drain off quickly. It’s also UV-resistant, so it won’t degrade in strong sunshine.


  • Maximum weight capacity of 400 pounds
  • Mounts easily to most pedestals
  • Comes with a three-year warranty


  • No padding – though it’s still very comfortable
  • Fairly pricey.

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5. Wise Standard Low Back (Our Top Pick)

Wise 8WD734PLS-660 Standard Low Back Boat Seat, Grey/Blue

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This low back seat from Wise is both attractive and budget-friendly. It comes in no fewer than ten different colors, so there’s an option to suit every design scheme.

The seat frame is molded plastic and the hinges on the drop-down seat back are aluminum. The latter are also cleverly designed to avoid any risk of pinched fingers.

The seat and back are filled with compression molded foam for comfort. The upholstery is heavy-duty marine grade 28-ounce vinyl. That means it will stand up to the worst weather without risking mold or mildew. And there’s a smart embossed finish that gives it a luxurious look.

The seat can be mounted to any standard BIA four-bolt pedestal or swivel system. The mounting hardware is included in the package.

The back rest is 19 inches tall, and the seat is 16 inches wide by 14 inches deep. With the back rest and hinges, the overall depth is 18.5 inches.

This isn’t the heaviest duty seat out there. Users with a larger build may find the back leans when they sit back. And although there’s lots of foam, it’s fairly firm.

But if you’re looking for an attractive and practical seat at a very competitive price, this is well worth considering.


  • Embossed finish and choice of ten different colors
  • Upholstered in 28-ounce marine grade vinyl
  • Can be mounted to any four-bolt pedestal or swivel system


  • The foam is rather firm
  • Not the best option for those with heavier builds.

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6. XGEAR Deluxe Low Back

XGEAR Deluxe Low Back Boat Seat, Fold-Down Fishing Boat Seat (2 Seats) (C-White/Blue)

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X-GEAR’s deluxe low back seats can be bought individually or in pairs. They come in a range of smart color ways. Choose from black and red, white and red, white and blue, white and green, and white and charcoal.

The upholstery is made from marine grade vinyl, so it won’t degrade in rain or snow. And it won’t be affected by strong sunshine either.

Both the seat and backrest have a deep layer of high compression foam for comfort.

The back rest folds down, and a strap with snap fastener holds it securely in place. The hinges are made of aluminum, so they’re light and won’t corrode. They’re quite thin, though.

The seat mounts to any standard 5-inch by 5-inch mounting pattern. All the hardware for the job is included in the package, but note that it’s zinc-plated rather than stainless steel. Upgrading to stainless steel will give you a more robust assembly.


  • Available individually or in pairs
  • Choice of stylish colors
  • Marine grade upholstery will stand up to the elements


  • The aluminum hinges aren’t very heavy duty
  • The mounting hardware included in the package is zinc-plated rather than stainless steel.

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7. Tempress ProBax

Tempress ProBax Orthopedic Folding High Back Boat Seat (White/Blue/Carbon)

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If you’re looking for a really comfortable seat, check out the American-made Tempress ProBax.

It’s designed to provide orthopaedic support, and it’s had input from experts including spinal surgeons and ergonomic seating specialists. If you want to spend a whole day on the water without back pain, this could be the seat for you.

The base and back use dual core foam to support your back and upper body. And the seat meets the American Boat and Yacht Council’s highest standards. That means it can be used for any occupant, including the driver, and at any speed.

The seat frame is made from polypropylene, while the upholstery is 30-ounce marine grade vinyl. It’s easy to mount to any standard 5.25-inch by 5.25-inch mounting system or pedestal.

It can be folded down when not in use. The hinge pins are made of stainless steel, so they’re very strong. And the hinges are designed to avoid the risk of pinched fingers.

And the dimensions are more generous than many other boat seats too. The base measures 18.5 inches wide by 19.5 inches deep. And the back is significantly taller, at 23.5 inches.

There are just a couple of limitations to be aware of with this one.

The first is that the seats are very absorbent. If they’re left out in the rain, they’ll soak up the water. Invest in some covers to keep them protected.

The second issue is the price. These are expensive – four times as much as the cheapest options on our list. But if you don’t mind digging deep, you’ll be buying a high-quality seat.


  • Orthopaedic design for all-day comfort
  • No-pinch hinges with stainless steel hinge pins
  • Meets the American Boat and Yacht Council’s most exacting standards for seating


  • Very absorbent – don’t leave them uncovered in the rain
  • Expensive – but you’ll be paying for quality.

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8. Wise Mid-Back

Wise 8WD588PLS-664 Standard High Back Fishing Boat Seat, Grey/Charcoal

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This mid-back boat seat is the second from Wise to make our list. This one comes in a choice of seven different colors, each with the Wise logo at the top of the back rest.

That back rest folds down for compact storage. The hinges are made of aluminum, and they’re designed to avoid narrow gaps that could trap fingers. A strap fastens the back to the base, so it will stay secure during towing.

The base and back are formed from supportive foam and coated in plastic, so they won’t absorb moisture. The upholstery is 28-ounce marine grade vinyl, which will resist damage from rain, snow, ice or strong sunshine.

The seat frame is injection molded plastic, so it’s reasonably strong. But it will flex a little when you lean backwards. Those with heavier builds may prefer to spend a little more on something with more robust construction.

Four mounting screws are included in the package to mount the seat to a pedestal or swivel system. But note that those screws aren’t stainless. It would be wise to upgrade these, or they’ll rust all too quicky once you’re out on the water.


  • Upholstered in 28-ounce marine grade vinyl
  • The back rest folds down when not in use, with straps to secure it in place
  • Choice of seven different colors


  • The seat frame isn’t particularly strong
  • The mounting screws included in the package aren’t made of stainless steel.

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Ready to Choose Your New Seats?

That brings us to the end of our look at eight of the best jon boat seats on the market right now. Whatever your needs and budget, there are some great options out there.

Our favorite is the standard low back seat from Wise. We love the smart upholstery and easy mounting design. And it offers great value for money too.

But whichever option you choose, enjoy giving your jon boat a great new look with some smart seating. And you’ll appreciate the more comfortable ride the next time you’re out on the water!

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